Android Camera Apps Comparison

Android Camera Apps Comparison
The camera apps that I compare are:

  1. A Better Camera
  2. ProCapture
  3. Camera FV-5
  4. Google Camera

Taken with Nexus 4 with Lollipop 5.0.1

The Battle

1. A Better Camera, Single Shot with DRO on
A Better Camera - Single Shot with DRO on

2. A Better Camera, HDR mode
A Better Camera - HDR mode

3. ProCapture, Auto
ProCapture - Auto

4. ProCapture, Reduced Noise+ mode
ProCapture - Reduced Noise+ mode

5. ProCapture, HDR mode
ProCapture - HDR mode

6. Google Camera, Auto
Google Camera - Auto

7. Google Camera, HDR mode
Google Camera - HDR mode

8. Camera FV-5, Auto
Camera FV-5 - Auto

Which do you think is the best?