Fix GPS Lock on Samsung Galaxy 5

Alternate Way to Fix GPS Lock Issue on Samsung Galaxy 5 i5500/i5503

Update: Based on my experience, the froyo version doesn’t need to be modified the gps settings.

I try this tips and got lock GPS quite fast even inside my house, faster than ever.
I got this tips on Credit to the poster.
Make sure GPS satellite and Wireless networks has been activated.

  1. Press *#*#1472365#*#*. This will bring to GPS setting.
  2. Settings -> Parameter Settings -> Address -> Server Type: 1x MPC
  3. Settings -> Parameter Settings -> Position mode: option3
  4. Settings -> Fix Request Settings -> Session Operation: Standalone
  5. Settings -> Fix Request Settings -> Server Option: Local
  6. gpsOne XTRA -> Xtra Enable: Enable

Then try with Google Maps.

If you want to go back to the default setting:

  1. Settings -> Parameter Settings -> Address -> Server Type: UMTS SLP
  2. Settings -> Parameter Settings -> Position mode: option2
  3. Settings -> Fix Request Settings -> Session Operation: MS-based
  4. Settings -> Fix Request Settings -> Server Option: Default

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  • Franciscogt

    Cool! I’ve bought a Telstra Galaxy 5 in Australia but the GPS isn’t working at all. After changing this settings I worked straight away! Thanks

  • Yung

    Changing the setting makes my Galaxy 5 gps works great! thanks alot!!!

  • Pacmyc_

    I followed this guide a few weeks ago and it worked great, than i upgraded to android 2.2, and the GPS got worse. Now when trying to enter the settingsmenu nothing happens, after the *#*#… key input.. Any ideas?

  • Pacmyc_

    aha i found it out, you’ll need to press *#*#3214789650#*#* on froyo version instead..

    • Is it worked like when use eclair? is it official froyo from samsung? do you know what version of firmware you use? is the compass working?

      • Pacmyc_

        Yes it works the same. Its the official from samsung with the newest firmware. The compass however is not working, and has never been working. I just guessed that this low budget phone shouldn’t have a working compass 🙂 Or am I wrong? Anyone’s got a good working compass? Also the sensor is very bad when tipping the phone 90 degrees, like when typing sms. Its slow and sometimes i almost have to shake it to get it to understand that I have rotated it.. Is it the same for you?

    • freddie isnotmyname

      @eb2a828f2116fd883bbb6cd1409995bc:disqus Unfair you have froyo what country are you in?

  • NLHank

    Worked great on my wife’s 5500i. Thanks! Now a Samsung ace here with s.l.o.w. GPS. Do you know how to access these settings on this phone? The code *#*#1472365#*#* doesn’t work on this one.

    • Nic

      *#*#3214789650#*#* try this.. it should worked on ur galaxy ace with froyo 2.2.1 ^^

      • NLHank

        Thanks! We’ll try!

  • nice…..

  • Works like a charm, thank you. Pacmyc_ has the right code for froyo. It takes 10 seconds, tops, to get the satellite signal (that was in cloudy weather and from the balcony).

  • Fabian Mejia

    Thanks a lot, it worked too here in Bogota, Colombia… Fabian

  • Paej

    It works fine for me on galaxy i5500 on android 2.1 eclair. Ryomgaard Denmark

  • Neodeggial

    funciona genial en mi galaxy 5 😉 concepcion chile

  • Aleksey

    this is awesome, thanks man!

  • karan

    thanks man .. reaaly awesome .:)

  • jaga

    do any one having idea gti5503 i could not able to open any internet applications like market, samsung app. maps and g talk.but i can able to open only browser my phone is connect to internet through edge connection.

  • Djvinnje

    Tankx man .. it worked

  • Booba_ned6

    my samsung galaxy i5500 is not still activated even though i followed it..

  • ShadowC

    this is fantastic. I was so disappointed the GPS didn’t work but am thrilled I can use the phone properly now. Thank you so much 🙂

  • Oli Lewis2010

    does this turn off gps

  • its me

    Great, looks like thats worked wonders on my phone!

  • Freddie isnotmyname

    It works on Google maps but not in navigation?

  • Ricco79

     Thank you very very much, dude! Now it works like a charm

  • Beamter

    Good work. Finally does my navigation. Thank you. Why must you configure the but itself? That should still be delivered by Samsung properly.

  • Laurys

     Does not work for me. Should I use Google maps only? or can I use other offline  navigations?   

  • Z4t4nguru

    thanks ,cool


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    Galaxy 5
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  • Guester

    how can i reset them

  • Ninad

    that works and is fast thnkx

  • i’m also having the same problem. i5503 suddenly turn off and need to remove the battery and put it back again to solve the problem. Please some one help me. Thanks.

    • Francisco Tochetto

      I’ve had exactly the same problem, I had to send my phone to the service to have it’s firmware updated. But first, Samsung support will try to give you the instructions for that over the phone.

  • Celso Moiteiro

    I tried this, but than my galaxy 5 crashed every 20/30 seconds , I hardly made it to put everything back, with several stressing tries. Than I made it… Pfiuuu!!!
    My Gps works without this, but I must turn on GPS, than restart the phone, the GPS starts with it, sometimes it takes 30 seconds, to fix the sat´s, sometimes more: 1min; 2; 3; 4. (this sucks..)
    But it works great after restart the phone.

  • Carlos

    Thanks, now it works fine.

  • Celso

    Tried it again!! Awesome!! It works now! Thanks man

  • Guest

    works great. but i dont understand why the i5500 will not automaticly work at reset point.

  • Thank you very much! This works great! I was disappointed with the gps on my phone, now it is something really useful.

  • Outtawatta

    This works great! I’m in the Philippines and before using this I couldn’t get my gps to work. now it works very, very well. Thank you so much!

    I use it with Rmaps without a problem.

  • Dennis_klees

    Thx, very much, real good 

  • Kups Arman

    Hi.Can ypu help me?It is not working what shell i do?

    • Kups Arman

      Hi!Can you help me?It is not working what shell i do?

  • Tee

    Thank you, this fixed my dads gps!

  • Zaplon90

    Thanks man. I really work. I fixed my Samsung GSP and now it works, after one month of fail tries. In Poland it’ working but only on positioning form GSM. Then it’s prety fast. Only with GPS it takes to 3-5 minutes to “catch” me on the ground…

  • what code for gingerbread version?

  • Jevirnaveen

    thank umy friend

  • Trying2sleep

    sorry OT. currently bought ace and yes 2.3 version. gps tells me im in thailand. im not. so will this steps work? sory have to ask 1st just incase.

  • Fong

    Help. Mine cannot. Entered the codes and nothing comes out. Now it can’t lock at all. Please help.

  • Mick


  • Test

    Ok just some further information, remove the wifi feature from the GPS as it uses your wifi to locate you when it has connection.  Remove this do the hack and I found it worked, it kinda forces it to work rather than using signals etc. 

    Now I have a great tracker for my kid using 360Life on iphone & Android, its great and you can log in and force location at anytime!

  • Askharae2

    It works for my galaxy 5. Thanks alot

  • Luciano

    Excelent! Thanks from Argentina!

  • Per560

    Finally my gps work fine!

  • Kaproz

    Tried the fix on Galaxy i5503 in Indonesia.

    I modified the settings as recommended but without success. Then I restarted the phone and using PhoneTester the GPS in a couple of minutes locked onto 9 (!) satellites.

  • GRACIAS!!! 😀

  • Arti

    *#*#1472365#*#* If you are running Android 2.1 Eclair.
    *#*#3214789650#*#* If you have updated to Android 2.2 Froyo.