Guide Upgrade Samsung Galaxy 5 to MAD Team 2.3 Extreme Froyo

Warning! I think this tutorial a bit outdated. visit for more updated version.

Guide Upgrade Samsung Galaxy 5 i5500/i5503 to MAD Team 2.3 Extreme App2SD Froyo-based Custom ROM

Since Samsung is taken so long for upgrading Galaxy 5 to froyo (Android 2.2), some group of people called MAD Team made custom ROMs based on froyo from samfirmware to be developed on this phone. To make it more insteresting, they have modified the ROM with some enhancements like speed, theme, and battery save. In 2.3 extreme, installed apps is stored in ext4 partition which has better performance than fat32 partition which is used in standard froyo.
Screenshot of Galaxy 5 with MAD Team 2.3 Extreme

Official thread

credit to MAD Team (off course!) and alexysc (who give me the guide in this thread)



  • Original Samsung mini-USB cable.
  • Samsung Galaxy 5 GT-I5500, GT-I5500L or GT-I5503 smartphone. Please note that the GT-I5508 model is not compatible with this firmware version.


  • Samsung KIES (link)
  • Odin Multi Downloader v4.28 (link)
  • EUROPA_v1.0.ops file (link)
  • MAD Team’s ROM 2.3 Extreme (link)
  • Mini Tool Partition Wizard (link)
  • Optional: WinRAR or 7zip

Get Ready!

Part A: Samsung KIES

  1. Install KIES (necessary to install USB drivers, and enable phone USB debugging) and launch it.
  2. Ensure that your phone is powered on, then connect it to your computer via the mini-USB cable.
  3. Windows will automatically install USB drivers for your phone – wait for this process to finish.
  4. In the KIES application you should see a window pop up that says: “Reconnect the device in Samsung KIES (PC Studio) mode. Current connection mode is not supported by KIES”. Ignore this message for now, and continue to the next step.
  5. You should see the following message on your phone’s screen: “Setting USB”, with two options: “KIES”, and “UMS mode only”. Choose the “KIES” option and press the “OK” button on your phone’s screen.
  6. Go back to KIES, and click “OK” in the same message box mentioned in step 4.
  7. KIES will now attempt to reconnect to your phone – wait for this process to finish.
  8. Once you are connected, you should see a “Basic information” screen with your phone’s information.
  9. Optional: If you see a “Firmware upgrade” window pop up, close it. We are not interested in official upgrades from Samsung.
  10. Close the KIES application, and disconnect the phone from the computer.

Part B: Prepare Files on Computer

  1. Create a new folder on your desktop called “GT-I5500”.
  2. Copy the files “Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.28.exe” and “EUROPA_v1.0.ops” to this same folder.
  3. Install either WinRAR or 7zip.
  4. Using either WinRAR or 7zip, extract the contents of to the same folder on your desktop.
  5. You should now have three files in your GT-I5500 folder: “Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.28.exe“, “EUROPA_v1.0.ops” and “I5500M_DashBlacK_2.3_ExtremeApp2SD_R3.tar

Part C: Prepare Phone (Downloading Mode)

  1. Delete all 3rd apps installed in your phone. This is because after you’ve flashed, the previously installed apps will be automatically downloaded to your phone when you connect to wifi or data.
  2. Then do a hard reset (*2767*3855#).
  3. Turn off the phone and take out the SDCard & SIM card.
    1. Part C2: Partitioning SDCard
      1. Format and parition SDCard from computer with Mini Tool Partition Wizard.
      2. Make sure your sdcard have ONLY THREE PARTITIONS and must be PRIMARY : FAT32 ; EXT4 (max. 1GB) ; and LINUX SWAP (50 – 100MB recommended SDCard class 4 or higher), not more and must be in that order. If you experienced heavy lagging after flashing (like me 🙂 ), delete the SWAP partition.
      3. After you have partitioned your sdcard, MAKE SURE you FORMAT IT WITH YOUR COMPUTER.
      4. Do NOT use MadTeam’s App2SD to either partition nor format your SDCard.
      5. Next, Flash your phone with the SDcard inserted (and don’t insert your SIM card) as most of the apps will be installed in your EXT4 which is used as the internal memory instead of the phone’s.
    2. Alternative Part C2: For those who have been using either Mota’s or Dashblack’s Roms, and already have partitioned EXT4, then you only need to :
      1. Format ONLY your EXT4 partition with Mini Tool Partition Wizard.
      2. Then flash your phone with your SDcard inserted (and don’t insert your SIM card).
      3. NOTE : This ROM doesn’t touch your FAT32 partition. It only use the EXT4 partition.
  4. While the phone is switched off and SDCard is inserted, press and hold these three keys: volume down + center button (the large button in the middle of the navigation controls) + power button.
  5. Keep these three buttons pressed until you see a large yellow triangle with the word “Downloading…” written below.

Part D: Begin Flashing (using Odin Multi Downloader)

  1. If KIES is still running, make sure to shut it down completely before proceeding.
  2. Connect your phone (still in Downloading Mode) to the computer via the mini-USB cable.
  3. Navigate to your GT-I5500 folder, and run the “Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.28.exe” program.
  4. Ensure that the box underneath “COM Port Mapping” is yellow, this will take a moment for the color to show since Windows will install Odin driver first if this is your first install. If it is not, there’s a problem with your USB cable, USB drivers or the phone is not in Downloading Mode, so you shouldn’t proceed any further until you verify the problem.
  5. Options: check “One Package“, “Auto Reboot“, and “Protect OPS“.
  6. Debug: leave “Debug ONLY” unchecked.
  7. Select OPS: click OPS button. An Open dialogue will open. Navigate to the GT-I550 folder (if necessary), and select the “EUROPA_v1.0.ops” file.
  8. Select Integrate Package: click “One Package” button. Select the “I5500M_DashBlacK_2.3_ExtremeApp2SD_R3.tar” file.
  9. Click the “Start” button to begin flashing. This should take around five minutes, and you will see some status updates in the message box on the left. DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS!!!

Part E: First Boot (Recovery Mode)

  1. When flashing completes, the phone will automatically reboot itself and enter “Android system recovery” mode. Don’t worry, this behaviour is by design!
  2. Note: in the next few steps, you will see some yellow error messages on the phone’s screen. These messages are to be expected, and nothing to be concerned about.
  3. Using the physical navigation buttons, select the “wipe data/factory reset” option. Press the middle button to confirm.
  4. On the next page, navigate down to the only “Yes — delete all user” option, and confirm with the middle button. After the process completes, you will be returned to the recovery menu again.
  5. Choose “reboot system now” and press the middle button to confirm.
  6. After the first boot has finished (this will take about 2-3 minutes) and you have set up the basic options, turn off your phone and replace the SIM card.

Part F: Rooting the Phone

  1. Turn On the phone, run the UniversalAndroot app that automatically installed after flashing, to root your phone. This process is important for the auto apps2sd to work.
  2. Most of the apps will be installed into your SDCard (in ext4 partition). After installing apps, your internal memory should remain constant, until the ext4 partition become full. 1GB is a loooottt of apps XD…
  3. If the phone get lagging, try turn off then switch on again. If the lagging still occur, delete the SWAP partition. Done! Have a nice day 😀

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  • Ronievia

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    • Make sure all partitions is PRIMARY not logical.

      • Ronievia

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      • guess

        HI sir. I’m using a 16gb card. is it still possible to upgrade my phone? or    its just only applicable in a 4gb card? thanks. because I’m thinking to do this. I need an advise. thanks  

        • it’s applicable to all sdcard size

        • GUess

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    • Preetdawrkapuria

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  • Vishal

    does all features of the  phone funtions properly , or is there any problem? plss rply i alrdy use MAD 2.08b ver. which is woking fine and battery backup is very good. I possible plss put a video for Part C .

    thanx in advance……..

    • compass got error. the rest is fine. sometimes open an app a bit lag. in idle the battery long last, but when running an app, it’ll drain more then default eclair.

      • Vishal

        thnks 4 d advice, so should i stay with MAD 2.08b or flash to 2.3. which accrding 2 u is better.

        • Well, I haven’t try 2.08b. Are u satisfy with it? Are there any errors/problems?

          • Vishal

            except compass everything works charm….
            the battery backup is very good. min 24hrs bckup.

          • Preetdawrkapuria

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          • vishal
          • Preetdawrkapuria

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  • Kushalrajpatnaik

    how can i switch back to simple froyo??

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    • Jordanecki

      Hi, use for the links to the official version 2.2 and 2.1 galaxy 5 ROM’s.
      As for part 3, Its simple, press ‘POWER BUTTON’ and ‘CENTER BUTTON’ and ‘VOLUME DOWN’. Just hold them all simultaneously until it boots with an android man saying ‘DOWNLOAD MODE’
      If you need anymore help, just ask…

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    • what is the partition size in your sdcard?

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    • I’m sorry I couldn’t help you, since the problem is too generic. do u following all steps above? or use app2sd default android (since it will make problems and this rom has it own app2sd and automatically applied every time install apps)?
      or you can get help from

      • put the mobile immediately to airplane mode before force close shows and do factory reset.. tats all 🙂

        • Chinu_the1

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      • Chinu_the1

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    • Nikhil Niknik6

      our country donot support uprade 2.2 version of i5503

    • R Apolinario33

      if you haven’t deleted data and removed cache after flashing it will surely not give you access to the market.. but if you already did. that is really a problem..

      hope this helps.. 🙂

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    • I think this tutorial a bit outdated. visit for more updated version.

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