Tips 7-zip Portable: Associate with Files and Integrate to Context Shell Menu

7-zip is my first choice to handle compressed files, simple, lightweight, and available in portable. The main problems for the portable application are associate 7-zip with file types and integrate it in Windows context shell menu. This tutorial will show how to overcome these problems.
Preview 7-zip context shell menu

Associate 7-zip with Files

1. Open 7-zip -> select menu Tools -> Options…
2. In System tab, check type of file you want to associate with or just click Select all.
Associate 7-zip with files

Integrate 7-zip to Context Shell Menu

1. Still in Options, go to Plugins tab -> select 7-zip -> click Options…
Plugins tab

2. In System tab -> check Integrate 7-zip to context menu option.
Integrate 7-zip to context shell menu

3. Click OK and OK and it’s done 🙂

R. Bambang Widiatmoko

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