Use Tasker and Franco Kernel for Battery Saving [Android Tips]

Make sure you have install Franco Kernel on your phone.
Franco Kernel has the ability to change CPU clocks, so with lower clock the power consumption will be decreased. User can automate the CPU clock depend on specific conditions with Tasker app. For this tutorial I use Nexus 4.
Franco Kernel has three default mode related to performance: Power Saving, Balance, and Performance. The description is available on the app.

The Steps

Create Tasks

  1. Open Tasker -> go to TASKS tab -> add new task (‘+‘ symbol).
  2. Give the new task a name, e.g. ‘Power Saver On‘.
  3. Add new action (‘+‘ symbol) -> System -> Send Intent.
  4. On Action field, type com.franco.kernel.POWER_SAVING. To save it, go back.
  5. Tasker Action Edit

  6. Add another two task: ‘Balance On‘ and ‘Performance On‘ with the same action: Send Intent.
  7. On Action field for Balance Oncom.franco.kernel.BALANCE.
  8. On Action field for Performance On: com.franco.kernel.PERFORMANCE.
  9. Tasker with three tasks

Add Tasks to Profiles

The scenario is Power Saver On when the phone is turned off while not charged. When the phone turned on, Balance On is activated.

  1. Go to PROFILES tab -> add new context (‘+‘ symbol) -> State -> Display -> Display State.
  2. On Is dropdown choose Off. To save it, go back.
  3. Choose Power Saver On task.
  4. Touch and hold on Display State Off profile -> Add + -> State -> Power -> Power.
  5. On Source dropdown choose Any and check the box on Invert.
  6. Tasker State Edit

  7. Touch and hold on Power Saver On task -> Add Exit Task -> choose Balance On.
  8. Finish 🙂

Try scenario with Performance On task for power demanding job like games. Don’t forget to use Add Exit Task after exiting the app to go back to Balance On task.

  • snke

    Hi, i follow your guide, but the point 6 is wrong…you mean “choose power saver on”, in the option theres not “balance on”
    And, in the end, on my phone appear notification of Tasker like “no action active” or some like this

    • Create ‘Balance On’ task first. See step 6 in the Create Tasks section.

      • snke
        • I’m sorry if my instructions is not clear.
          See the 5th step on Create Task section. It means create three task for each different ‘Send Intent’. Not one task with three different ‘Send Intent’.
          I will update the screenshot.

          • snke

            Oook got it! Thanks! How does it work? I mean…how i test it? If it work or not

          • What I know is from System Monitor built-in FKU app. There is Background Monitoring feature in its settings.

          • snke

            Thanks again 🙂

  • santhrax

    hmm, for me it is not working – have 3 tasks followed your instructions. but Profile is not going to be active …..
    here a screenshot: