Download Android 4 Pencil Stencil GUI and Icons

For those who want create Android app based on new Android 4 ICS Holo theme, these stencils can help you to prototyping the GUI. This UI kit is intended to use with Pencil GUI Prototyping Tool.
Android 4 GUI and Icons Stencil

Download via My deviantART

To use this, extract it first. It contains five stencils in zip:
1. General GUI
2. Holo Dark GUI
3. Holo Ligth GUI
4. Holo Dark Icons
5. Holo Light Icons

Open Pencil -> menu Tools -> Install new collection… -> choose one by one the zip files.

GUI and Icons were taken from Android Design.

Not all GUI were extracted from the PSD, since I sliced the images with Paint.NET and some GUI is messed up. And the resolution is not too high.

To install Pencil, download the .xpi file from the web, drag to Firefox, install it, restart Firefox, and run the aplication from icon on bottom right of Firefox.

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