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After Virus Attack: .exe .com .reg File Extension Is Not Working

Well this happen yesterday in my campus, I forget what the virus’ name is, but this virus caused the folders to be “super hidden” and show folder icons that contain virus (application type). It seems I got successfully delete the virus after install NIS 2009 then repair the registry and clean the remaining virus file (see my old post).
But after the virus is gone, I can’t run file with extension .exe, .com, .reg, or maybe other extensions.

How To Fix

After googling I found this web.

  • I download the exefix_xp.com file.
  • After that boot to Safe Mode with Command Prompt,
  • run the file and it worked!

Update: About the exefix_xp.com file here is the result about the file scanned in www.virustotal.com: scan result
File exefix_xp.com received on 11.23.2008 00:03:57 (CET)
Current status: finished
Result: 3/37 (8.11%)

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