[AutoCAD Tips] Draw Polyline from Coordinates in Excel

This post will show how to draw polyline in AutoCAD from coordinates in Excel.
In case you have coordinates data provided like this:

Before convert the coordinates into Polyline in AutoCAD, first copy the data to Excel. Then follow these steps.

Step by step

1. In Excel insert new column to the right for merged coordinates (X,Y). Insert formula as seen below (A2&”,”&B2). Copy the formula to another row.
Merge X & Y Column to One Cell

2. Copy the column of merged coordinates.
Copy the Coordinates Column

3. Open AutoCAD, create POLYLINE (PL for shortcut). Before press enter, right click on command line -> paste the coordinates from Excel. Press Enter to finish the command.
Paste the Coordinates to AutoCAD Command Line

4. Final result of Polyline.
Final Result of Polyline

R. Bambang Widiatmoko

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