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Connect Virtual OS to Network in Virtualbox

Fos this case, I use Windows XP as the host and Ubuntu 8.0.4 for the virtual OS. The problem is how to connect Ubuntu to the real available network or Internet.

  1. After create the virtual operating system (example is Ubuntu 8.0.4), select it and click Settings.
    Settings button on Virtualbox
  2. In window Settings, choose Network.
  3. In Attached to option, choose Host Interface. For this option you must add a new host interface.
  4. In Host Interfaces, click icon Add. Fill the name (example: VirtualBox Host Interface 1).
    Network settings on Virtualbox
  5. This will also create a new LAN icon in Windows.
  6. To connect between host network and virtual network, you must create a bridge connections between them. To create it, select both icon, right click and choose Bridge Connections.
  7. Right click on Bridge Connections icon, choose Properties. Set the IP and it will be the host computer IP, x:
    Network bridge settings on Windows
  8. Run Virtual OS and set different IP, x:

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