Control Location Mode to Save Battery with Tasker [Android Tips]

Location Mode on Android when turned on is quite draining the battery, but user still make use of it for particular condition or apps. This tutorial will show how to control Location Mode to save battery from rooted Android Lollipop device with Tasker app and Secure Settings app.

The Steps

First enable System+ Module on Secure Settings app.

Create Tasks

  1. On Tasker create a new Task, named it ‘Location Off‘.
  2. Add a new Action -> Plugin -> Secure Settings.
  3. Edit Configuration -> on System+ Actions -> Location Mode.
  4. PhotoGrid_1422761129423.png

  5. Choose Location Off from drop down field -> click on Save button.
  6. Location Mode Off

  7. Go back to save it.
  8. Create another two tasks, on step 1 with different name: ‘Location Batt Saving‘ and ‘Location High
  9. Repeat step 2 to 3
  10. Repeat step 4, for ‘Location Batt Saving‘ app choose Battery Saving. For ‘Location High‘ task choose High Accuracy.
  11. Go back to save it.
  12. Preview 3 Tasks - Location Mode

Create Tasker Profiles

The scenario is Location Off task activated when the phone is turned off while not charged. When the phone turned on, Location Batt Saving task is activated.

  1. Go to PROFILES tab -> add new context (‘+‘ symbol) -> State -> Display -> Display State.
  2. On Is dropdown choose Off. To save it, go back.
  3. Choose Location Off task.
  4. Touch and hold on Display State Off profile -> Add + -> State -> Power -> Power.
  5. On Source dropdown choose Any and check the box on Invert.
  6. Tasker State Edit

  7. Touch and hold on Location Off task -> Add Exit Task -> choose Location Batt Saving task.
  8. Tasker Profile to Control Location Mode

  9. Finish 🙂
  10. At first, when the system switch from Location Off to Location Battery Saving or High Accuracy, it will ask user to accept the terms, check the checkbox so user won’t see it again.

Try scenario with Location High task for high accuracy location mode like navigation apps. Don’t forget to use Add Exit Task after exiting the app to go back to Location Batt Saving task.

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