Create Glassy Effect on CorelDRAW

On this tutorial shows how to add a glassy effect on a object.
Before editing
After editing

1. Create a rectangle, for example like image above.
2. With Bezier Tool, create a polygon with wavy edges on its bottom. Fill with white color and blank color on its outline.
Bezier Tool
Polygon with wavy edges
3. Select the polygon, click Interactive Transparency Tool.
Interactive Transparency Tool
4. Modify the properties:
Transparency Type: Linear
Fountain Transparency Angle: -90
Modify Transparency properties
5. Go to menu: Tools -> Options. On the Workspace Edit option, uncheck Auto-center new PowerClips contents
Edit options
6. Select the polygon, go to menu Effects -> PowerClip -> Place Inside Container… Click on the rectangle.
After editing

R. Bambang Widiatmoko

I'm an engineer and working in engineering consultant office. I have some experience in computer application in graphic design (CorelDRAW, Inkscape, GIMP), AutoCAD, and Office. I also like to read technology news.

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