Custom Content Control Microsoft Word

One of the uses of content control is to add consistency in repeated use of word or sentence. When one of the sentence is changed, the same sentence in another place will automatically changed. Therefore can minimize writer error.

To use this function, Microsoft Word 2013 minimum version is required. Here is the video and the steps of explanation.

Link for sample xml code:

The Steps

  1. Before insert content control to the Word, We must define it first in an xml file. Here is the example of the xml file as seen on the left and the preview in Word on the right.
  2. We have to enable first Developer tab. Go to File -> Options -> Customize Ribbon. In Main Tabs -> make sure to check Developer option. Then click OK.
  3. Go to Developer tab -> XML Mapping Pane. On the right pane, click the drop down. Choose (Add new part…) option. Choose the xml created before -> Open.
  4. Click again the dropdown on the right. Choose the new entry.
  5. To insert the new content control, place the cursor first. Right click on the desired variable on the right -> choose Plain Text for example. Edit the content and so on.
  6. When one of the variable’s content changed in one place, the content of same variable on another placed is also changed.

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