Integrate FastCopy to FreeCommander for Copy and Move Operations

FreeCommander is an excellent tool for managing files and folder in Windows, also it free. But for file/folder operations like copy or move, it’s not the best in its class. While FastCopy is one of the best file/folder operations tool, it lacks simplification in operation, usual user will found it very difficult to use. So why not combine them?

How to Integrate FastCopy to FreeCommander

I’m using FreeCommander XE 2016 Build 730 32-bit public beta
1. Open FreeCommander, go to menu Tools –> Settings (or press F12).
Integrate FastCopy to FreeCommander

2. Go to File/folder operations section.
Integrate FastCopy to FreeCommander

3. On Copy and Move option choose Use external program. Fill in the text field code below:
3a. For Copy operation:

Warning: /cmd=update command means the same files existing will not be copied only the newer one will be replace the old one and without confirmation.

3b. For Move operation:

Warning: /cmd=move command means every files & folders with the same name will be replaced without any confirmation!.

Test in dummy folders and files to check whether it works.

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