Lighting Calculation with DIALux Luxicon

Things to be prepared:

  1. DIALux Luxicon program, installed with
  2. Cooper Crouse-Hinds luminaire catalogs plugin,
  3. AutoCAD (.dwg/.dxf) sample layout.

The program and its plugin can be downloaded from Luxicon Pro download page.
Lighting Calculation with DIALux Luxicon

How To

  1. Open program, on Welcome window select New Interior Project.
  2. First set the units first. Click Cancel on Room Editor sidebar.
    Room Editor sidebar
  3. Go to menu FileSettingsGeneral Options.
  4. Go to tab Global, set the units on Dimensions and Lighting. In this tutorial use Imperial for both units. Then OK.
    Set units
  5. In drawing workspace, right click mouse inside room and select Edit Room Geometry option.
  6. In Room Editor sidebar, insert estimated Length, Width, and Height of the platform. Example: 60ft, 60ft, and 11.5ft. Then OK.
    Room Editor
  7. Insert drawing from AutoCAD to ease room and lighting editing. Before importing CAD file, things to be considered is simplify layout drawing with minimal elements which are:
    • Structure layout
    • Equipment layout
    • Lighting layout (if you have assumed before)

    Elements such as dimension, cable & tray layout, or notes; recommended to be deleted.
    Equipment layout

  8. To insert AutoCAD drawing, go to menu FileImportDWG or DXF File…
  9. Click NextBrowse for CAD fileNext, select units, choose InchNextNext. The CAD drawing will be the background.
  10. In drawing workspace, right click mouse inside room and select Edit Room Geometry option. Drag the edge of geometry to match up with drawing background.
    Edit Room Geometry
  11. To add more corner, right click on the edge of polygon ⇒ Insert Point. Drag the point and add as many corner/point to match the platform layout. Click OK to finish room editing.
    Add and drag point
  12. On Project Manager sidebar, in Project tab, choose all Wall surfaces sub-element (use Shift to multi select), then set Transparency in Material tab to 100%. Since the platform doesn’t have wall.
    Set wall transparency
  13. Insert Round column from Room elements in Object tab sidebar. Set the diameter then click Insert. Drag to match with platform layout. Copy-paste to duplicate the column. You can also add any elements to the platform.
    Insert Room elements
  14. To insert lighting fixture (luminaire) go to menu Luminaire SelectionDIALux CatalogsCooper Crouse-Hinds. A program will open. Choose lighting fixture, double click the desired fixture. Tips: before select fixture, try to update the catalogue by clicking the UPDATE button.
    Cooper Crouse-hinds catalogue
  15. Back to Luxicon, detail about the fixture will be shown in sidebar. Go to Mounting tab, choose Mounting Type to User defined, adjust the Suspension Height. Click Insert to insert the fixture. Drag the fixture to match with layout. Copy-paste to duplicate.
    Insert Luminaire
  16. Also adjust Rotations for particular fixture, like the one mounted on stanchion. To make it ease, change view to 3D View.
    3D View
  17. Insert Calculation Surface to show the luminance value later after the calculation process finished. Go to menu PasteCalculation surfaces… From sidebar choose Calculation Surface then click Insert.
    Insert Calculation Surface
  18. When the surface box appear in drawing, right click on it choose Edit Calculation Surface. Resize, add and move point just like when editing Room to match the platform layout. Click OK when finish editing.
    Edit Surface geometry
  19. Time to start calculation. Go to menu OutputStart Calculation… A window will appear, tick all option ⇒ click OK.
  20. After calculation end, go to menu OutputConfigure Output… From sidebar tick any desired option or choose from available template from Name drop-down field.
  21. To show the calculation report instantly by go to menu FileExportSave Output as PDF… If the built-in PDF converter didn’t work use 3rd party software to convert PDF for Windows or print directly to printer by go to menu FilePrint…
    PDF Output sample page

R. Bambang Widiatmoko

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