Merge Video and Audio Files with XMedia Recode

This tutorial will show how to quickly merge video and audio files with XMedia Recode without loss of quality.
For example, I will use .mp4 for video file and .m4a for audio file.
video and audio files

The Step

  1. Open FileOpen File and add these two media files.
  2. Make sure to highlight the video file in the list.
  3. In Format tab, choose:
    Format settings
    • Format: MP4 since I use .mp4 file.
    • Output stream type: Video and Audio
    • Set the output destination folder
  4. In Video tab, choose Mode: Copy.
    Video tab
  5. In Audio tab, click Import.
    Import audio stream
  6. Choose the audio file.
    Choose audio file
    Then click Blue triangle icon the blue-triangle icon
  7. Choose Mode: Copy.
    Audio settings
  8. Click Add to Queue Add to Queue -> click Encode Encode to merge video and audio files.
  9. Usually it only take a few second to finish the encoding. Make sure the file is working properly.

XMedia Recode can be downloaded here

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