Queuing in Move/Copy Operation in FreeCommander with TeraCopy

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From my experience, FreeCommander is a must-have application in my Windows. It’s free and available in portable edition. It’s the best alternative of TotalCommander, the well-known file manager utility. Almost every features in TotalCommander, FreeCommander has it. One of important feature it doesn’t have is queuing in move/copy file/folder operation. That’s why we need TeraCopy, the file copier utility. TeraCopy available in free (home user) and in portable edition.

To integrate these two application we need edit the FreeCommander.ini file, located in C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Application Data\FreeCommander\FreeCommander.ini (windows 7); if use the Liberkey portable, located in D:\Master\LiberKey\Apps\FreeCommander\App\FreeCommander\FreeCommander.ini.

Edit with text editor then add the following line:

FileMovePrg=C:\Program Files\TeraCopy\TeraCopy.exe Move *%ActivSelAsFile% "%InactivDir%"
FileCopyPrg=C:\Program Files\TeraCopy\TeraCopy.exe Copy *%ActivSelAsFile% "%InactivDir%"

To automatically close when the operation is finished, click on Close button when the TeraCopy window appeared. This setting will be applied in the next operation.
Close button

FreeCommander + TeraCopy = TotalCommander killer!!

R. Bambang Widiatmoko

I'm an engineer and working in engineering consultant office. I have some experience in computer application in graphic design (CorelDRAW, Inkscape, GIMP), AutoCAD, and Office. I also like to read technology news.

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