[Tutorial Android] Play Youtube Audio in Background with Tubemate

With TubeMate application, Android user can play Youtube audio in background.

The Steps

1. Download Tubemate app from http://tubemate.net. I choose Android Freeware.
Download Tubemate app from tubemate.net

2. Install the downloaded apk. Open the app, press Next in wizard until end.
TubeMate wizard

3. Press Close or go to Preferences to set up settings like download folder.
TubeMate wizard end

4. Sign in to Youtube.
Sing in to Youtube

5. Click on green arrow on top of bar.
Click on green arrow

6. First select the video quality then choose Play (Audio).
Play (Audio)

7. It will play audio only and user can play it in background or lock the screen.
Youtube audio only play

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