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Use Microsoft Access for Certificate Publishing

Microsoft Access can be a tool to increase the productivity in certificate publishing. I’ve prepare the certificate template without the name like this:
certificate template
With this design, I want to create many with different names without have to copy the design to many. For this tutorial, I use Access 2007.

  1. Open Microsoft Access, create a table with just one field for the name/participant.
    create table
  2. Add some names to the table. Save and close the table.
    add names
  3. Create a blank report.

    blank report

  4. Go to Design View.
    design view of report
  5. Close space in Page Header and Page Footer (see red circle) and then insert Image (see green circle).

    insert image

  6. Resize the image so it fit with the printed page. Go to Page Setup to arrange the printed page.
    image insertedpage setupset margin
  7. To see whether the image fit to the page, go to Print Preview. Don’t forget to check the next page.
    print preview menu
  8. Click Add Existing Fields icon to insert field that has been created before. Select the field then drag and drop to the image.

    insert image

  9. Delete the label of the field, resize, and format the text field.
    delete labelformat the text field
  10. Last, check again through the print preview. Save the report.

R. Bambang Widiatmoko

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