Save Print Cost when Print Scanned Document – Word Tips

This tutorial will show how to save print cost when print scanned document quickly from Microsoft Word.

Usually when we print a scanned paper document, especially paper captured from camera, can be throw up a lot of ink/toner, because of the dark background.
Unedited Scanned Paper

One of the solution is to make the scanned paper brighter. But if you don’t have skill in photo editing or need quickly edit the pages, you can use the Picture Corrections feature in Microsoft Word.

How to

Insert and select the scanned page, then go to Format -> Corrections -> choose the format template locate in bottom right of tiles (Brightness: +40% Contrast: 40%).
Word Picture Corrections Feature

The result is much cleaner and will save you from higher print cost.
Edited Scanned Paper

R. Bambang Widiatmoko

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